About Us

Hope Ranch For Women (HR4W) is a Christ-centered ministry that was formed to empower exploited, trafficked and abused women, ages 18-25, to rise above their circumstances and become whole in body, mind, and soul.

History of Hope Ranch For Women – It began with one woman’s vision on an October evening in 2011. The figure of a woman sat alone in the darkness and no one cared. Then a voice cried out, “I have heard the cry of the broken – now who will go?” There is a home planned for her surrounded by safety, security and love. It is to be a sanctuary of residential recovery and restoration for exploited and abused women. It is called Hope Ranch for Women, a Godly dwelling for new beginnings and transforming lives. It is a home where survivors receive care, healing, and work toward reintegrating into society while surrounded by Godly women. Professional counseling, health care, education and vocational training will be available through like-minded partners while HR4W facilitates the development of necessary whole-life skills.

Our Three Methods:

Home Environment for Recovery and Restoration – Hope Ranch is a long-term residence in a secluded and safe environment where survivors receive care, healing, and assistance reintegrating into society.

Whole-Life, Christ-Centered Mentoring – Devoted followers of Christ provide survivors with unconditional acceptance. Mentors help women acknowledge their current circumstances, set future goals, and work toward health in all aspects of life, including overcoming addiction, healing from past abuse and moving forward through family crisis counseling. Mentoring is a long-term commitment intended to offer a lifetime relationship.

Faith-Based Equine-Assisted Learning – A hands-on, experiential learning opportunity using specially trained facilitators empowered with God’s Word and Spirit. All mentors and mentees will receive individual and team development with the instructor and therapy horse. Under the facilitator’s guidance, horses and participants interact in a manner that opens the door for self-awareness, trust, learning, and spiritual growth.

Hope Ranch for Women Timeline of Completed and Anticipated Goals.